La Salada, Buenos Aires

Become a Stallholder: Duplicating La Salada 

In this process, new transnational social actors are establishing another city: An immense landscape of occupation and appropriation of an abandoned space that has been re-populated in a challenging way, duplicating the neoliberal city but also sabotaging it and opening it to a distinct time and space. 

Because of judicial pressure on the city hall to clean up pollution of the Riachuelo river (a geographic landmark that involves three jurisdictions - municipal, state and national), the most parlous stalls located along the riverbank have recently been forcefully removed. This marks the beginning of a process of formalization that will benefit both the merchants who have set themselves up in warehouses in built-up areas and the informal real estate business. Every displacement engenders dispersion, a new phase for the riverbank stallholders who will turn to other peripheries for their trade.

Julian d'Angiolillo