by MAP Office [Gutierrez + Portefaix]

In the early 1980s, the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region was transformed into a vast manufacturing hinterland for Hong Kong, as well as an experimental zone for China’s new economy. Massive foreign investments from the British colony boosted a region that aspired to become the fifth Asian dragon.

Established by entrepreneurs, a politics of laissez faire was successfully injected into local infrastructural projects. Joint ventures and private money propelled a leap that responded to the global economy and accession to WTO.

Guangshen Superhighway Market

An analysis of the commodities on sale can explain much of the workers life: Most are small, cheap items. More than half concern the body: soap, shampoo, hygienic napkin, brushes, razor blades, cream and make up – everything to take care of oneself. This is a significant point: health and well-being.